Custom Fiberglass Pools

We Are Proud To Offer Pool Installation with Fiberglass Pools.

Inground fiberglass pool builders

Midwest Pool Builders & Stonecrafters is proud to be installers of Custom Fiberglass Pools. Custom Fiberglass Pools. Wondering why you should choose a Fiberglass pool . . . Then look below at a comparison between fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl pools!

Here are some of the advantages of choosing custom Fiberglass Pools over other pools:


  • Custom Fiberglass Pools 50-year
  • Structural Warranty is the longest in the industry 3 days
  • Custom Fiberglass Pools offers over 30 different sizes and shapes
  • Built into pool
  • Manufactured in a controlled factory environment
  • 17 times stronger than Gunite
  • 45% less than other types of pools
  • 15 minutes per week
  • None
  • Gel-coat
  • Longest lasting surface available
  • Smooth finish
  • Algae does not adhere
  • Child and pet proof
  • No resurfacing required
Inground fiberglass pool builders

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